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‘Women were deemed physically and mentally incapable of practicing medicine’

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]emale physicians, apothecaries, surgeons, writers of recipes, nurses and midwives have worked within a male-dominated medical world for centuries. Their involvement has always provoked intense debate; or as one 1870 commentary put it, “the vexed question of women in medicine.” ...

Lady in a red corset at London Burlesque Festival

MUST DO: London Burlesque Festival

Chaz Royal's raunchy variety show comes to the Shaw Theatre this weekend and next

MUST DO: Say cheese at Wellcome Collection

Teeth is a brilliant summer show all about our choppers. Grin and bear it ...

Invisible Women

MUST DO: Invisible Women, New Diorama Theatre

Week-long festival produces powerful theatre with local 'voiceless communities'

MUST DO: Hint Hunt

Solve Euston's particularly tricky escape-room