From the varied delights of The Shaw, the ever-innovative New Diorama or the intimate Camden People’s Theatre to the occasional creative pop-up performance, Euston is full of places to watch a show

Picture of Haley McGee, creator of the Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale

Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale is back

[dropcap]W[/dropcap] hen a relationship turns sour, can sentimental value be given monetary worth? Hailing from Canada, Haley McGee is a solo performer and show-maker who has spent a great deal of time researching this very subject: she created the Ex-Boyfriend ...

Invisible Women

MUST DO: Invisible Women, New Diorama Theatre

Week-long festival produces powerful theatre with local 'voiceless communities'

Euston Wellbeing Walk

Take a Euston Wellbeing Walk to the theatre

Organised stroll is the culmination of a fortnight of plays, talks and events around ...

Camden People's Theatre

Camden People’s Theatre explores climate change

Euston's cutting edge contemporary arts space has a busy autumn ahead

Shaw theatre in Euston

MUST DO: Euston’s two theatres

You might be surprised to hear that there are a couple of world-class auditoriums ...

Amber Massie-Blomfield, Camden People’s Theatre

Public Speaking: Amber Massie-Blomfield, Camden People’s Theatre

Meet the woman behind a creative hub that showcases some of the most innovative ...