MUST DO: Misbehaving Bodies, Wellcome Collection

A chance to reflect on the nature of illness and how that shapes the way we think

Turn away now if you’re squeamish: this fascinating new exhibition at Euston Road’s awesome Wellcome Collection explores the representation of chronic illness.

First up is influential photographer Jo Spence’s raw and confrontational work, which documents her diagnosis of breast cancer and subsequent healthcare regime throughout the 1980s; while Oreet Ashery’s award-winning miniseries ‘Revisiting Genesis’ explores death and dying in the digital era.

Later in the year (October, to be precise), a new commission by Ashery exploring the recent death of her father will be added.

The idea of the whole show, which runs till January next year, is to challenge our understanding of ‘misbehaving’ or ‘untypical’ bodies, and reflect on how illness can disrupt and shape the way we think.

And after all that, you might wish to pause for thought upstairs in the calm environs of Wellcome Kitchen, the table-service restaurant (read our review here).

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Misbehaving Bodies, free until 26th Jan 2020, Misbehaving Bodies, Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Rd NW1, more info here

Main image: Wellcome Collection

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