MUST DO: Dinomania at Diorama, Regent’s Place

Ponder the story of the earth’s creation in a new show at the NW1 theatre

Fascinated by all things Jurassic? Yep, us too. A good thing then that award-winning theatre company Kandinsky – who boast an international reputation for inventive new work – is hitting Regent’s Place this month with the winningly-titled Dinomania.

The premise is this: rewind 165 million years and an iguanodon is killed in the heart of a rainforest. It degrades, except for one tooth. Fast forward to 1820s Sussex and a country doctor finds the molar, but where does it fit in the story of earth’s creation?

While you ponder this story of “scientific endeavour, bitter rivalry and terrible lizards”, come March you might also want to check out Keep Watching, a thought-provoking production centring on privacy.

Built around “first-hand accounts from experts in the field of surveillance and observation’, it’s produced by Engineer Theatre Collective, a group dedicated to creating visually striking work. And it’s all about being…watched.

Two very different productions then to consider this spring at the tucked-away Regent’s Place theatre.

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Tickets for each show cost £15 here. Diomania, 19th Feb – 23rd Mar, Keep Watching, 2nd Apr – 4th May, both Tues-Sat 7:30pm & (3pm Sat matinee), 15-16 Triton Street NW1

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