MUST DO: Invisible Women, New Diorama Theatre

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Week-long festival produces powerful theatre with local ‘voiceless communities’

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Invisible Women
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Powerful theatre from voiceless communities. Photo: PR
Into boundary-pushing plays? Make haste then to the modern auditorium on Regent’s Place, which works extensively with the local Euston and Somers Town community.

The forthcoming Invisible Women festival is programmed by arts charity Spare Tyre, who produce powerful theatre with the help of voiceless communities – over 60s, adults with dementia and people with learning disabilities. Their new season features a range of overlooked female artists and communities, exploring “bodies, babies, assisted dying, courage, politics, and overcoming challenges” through dance, visual art and theatre.

Now in their 40th year, they will celebrate their roots in the feminist movement of the 1970s, revealing the hidden stories of artists and communities.

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Tickets here, 19th-24th February, Regent’s Place, 15-16 Triton St NW1.

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