Tenner or less: Beany Green, Regent’s Place

Detox Box: Hearty combo of three daily salads. Photo: PR

Where? An oasis of lunchtime calm still within view of busy Hampstead Road, this is an outpost of the fast-growing, healthy Australian-style Daisy Green café chain. Do as we did (if you can), and nab one of the outdoor tables or sofas, complete with cosy astroturf for a diminutive faux-English country garden meets Bondi vibe.

What? The ‘Detox Box’, at £9.50 to eat in (or £8.50 if you’d rather go catch some rays in Regent’s Place main square), it’s a hearty combo of three of the daily salads, a choice of protein (from lean beef balls to oversize falafels) and a dollop of one of the flavoursome house dips.

Nab a spot in the outdoor seating area. Photo: Tom Kihl

Why? Generous use of herbs and fresh-as-you-like veg mean these salads are primed to impress. On our visit, earthy smashed sweet potato and mascarpone rubbed up nicely alongside a bittersweet melange of olives, feta and watermelon, and a dill-heavy tomato, rocket and cucumber combo. The harissa dip was very moreish, too.

Don’t: Kid yourself that the tempting array of deserts (double chocolate brownie, rocky road etc) are quite as healthy as the mains. The ‘famous banana bread sandwich’ is essentially two slices of cake with a mascarpone filling, but it’s got fruit on top, so that’s good, right?

Notes: There’s booze available too, and an espresso-based smoothie, so the menu is well worth ploughing through to suit different moods and occasions.

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Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.30pm, 25 Brock St, NW1 3FG. There’s also a Beany coffee kiosk just across the way at Euston Junction, in front of the station.
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