Take a Euston pub crawl

We have loads of favourite boozers in the neighbourhood. Try these seven for starters

Euston pub crawl

1. Square Tavern

The Square Tavern - Euston pub crawl
Oddly quiet for Zone 1. Photo: SE
Start at unlikely Tolmers Square, a quiet spot off Hampstead Road that you’re almost guaranteed never to have visited – unless you or a friend live there. The site of former bathhouses, subsequently replaced by a Victorian square and then, in the late 1970s, a council estate, it still boasts a grassy knoll which is leafy in springtime. This pub was built as part of the latterday development, and is a respite from most Zone 1 boozers, making it a surprisingly good place to begin a crawl. Decent craft beers and ales on tap too, including nearby Camden Town Brewery. There’s a burger and sandwich menu and a terrace overlooking the traffic-free square. 26 Tolmer’s Square NW1

2. Crown & Anchor

Crown & Anchor - Euston pub crawl
Nearly 200 years old. Photo: Euston Town
A few minutes’ walk is this listed building from the 1820s: it’s an imposing corner presence, with its pale lemon paintjob and, like many on Drummond Street, floor-to-ceiling Georgian sash windows. Useful for alfresco pints in the summer; while on a cooler afternoon, it’s womb-like low-ceilinged interior, with nooks, crannies and leaded windows, is perfect to nurse one of 19 real ales or beers. 137 Drummond St NW1

3. Exmouth Arms

Euston pub crawl
Rebuilt after WWII. Photo: SE
One of our top boozers in Euston is this nearby corner joint named after the street’s original name, which in the 19th century was home to a dairy, complete with cowsheds behind. It’s a post-WWII rebuild of a war-damaged pub, and inside is filled with archetypal neighbourhood vibes. The punters are a typical mix of freelancers on laptops, office workers, students and mums-with-kids. There’s an open kitchen, a bare bulb or two, and Chesterfields, plus an encyclopaedia of craft beer on taps and in cans: we often merrily sip Beavertown’s Gamma Ray here. One of a family of station-handy pubs with the others in Paddington, Victoria and Waterloo. 1 Starcross St NW1

4. Bree Louise

Cider barrels - Euston pub crawl
The cider barrels. Photo: SE
Seconds from the Exmouth is possibly the most popular real ale pub in north London with endless Camra awards for Pub of the Year, and such a reputation (for its homemade pies, too) that it’s guaranteed chocka whatever time of day. Even at four o’clock on a midweek afternoon there’s barely any standing space, such is the lure of its dozen real ciders and perrys from both cask and box, attractively displayed on the counter, to businessmen who’d finished endless meetings in the chain hotels lining the Euston Road. There are ale festivals every month, and a selection of whisky and tequila. But we really rate the cider: a dry Old Rosie weighed in at a whopping 7.3% ABV and is crisp, fruity yet dry. It’ll have you on the floor in no time. 69 Cobourg St NW1

5. Euston Tap

Euston pub crawl
It serves really good beer. Photo: Euston Town
Head towards Euston station itself. Housed in an old station building, the Tap is arguably the area’s most famous bar, mainly because of its prime location, and its 27 taps, which are an A-Z of the world’s best. That’s not to say the barmaid wasn’t intimidating on our last visit to the small, green-tiled, dimly lit space: “Don’t look at the taps!,” she implored, “Look at the board”. The beer excels: wittily-named Effortless Grapefruit from NYC brewery Captain Lawrence has a superior dry tang, while the Redchurch Paradise pale ale yields zesty citrus notes. Across the way you can find the Cider Tap. In short? How intoxicatingly European. 190 Euston Rd NW1

6. Somers Town Coffee House

Somers Town coffee house - Euston pub crawl
Like a country pub – in Somers Town. Photo: PR
Seven minutes’ walk east (according to GPS), this misnamed boozer has a terrace out front which gets packed with thirsty office workers all-year round (the small back garden is heated too and pretty cosy). Inside, the dark-panelled interior is spacious enough to find a table – they host supper clubs upstairs with all manner of secret rooms and revolving bookcases – and even a speakeasy called the Cosy Kettle downstairs. British ‘tapas’ is on the menu. Lots of real ale handpulls, cider and the bigger name craft beers too (obvs). We’ve been here more times than many others. 60 Charlton Street NW1

7. Pack & Carriage

Pack and Carriage - Euston pub crawl
It’s on the furthest tip north of the area. Photo: ET
Finally, walk for another seven minutes up Eversholt Street to what was known previously as Elixir Bar. The P & C is now a shabby chic craft beer bar with live music, posh burgers, nightly arts events, and an upstairs hostel. It’s crepuscular and candle-lit, the sort of pub that makes you wonder why you’ve never stumbled across it before. With 13 keg lines, two cask and more than 35 bottles, there’s an emphasis on fashionable breweries: we’ve enjoyed a hoppy Gipsy Hill Beatnik IPA, although Hackney’s Pressure Drop or Bristol’s Running With Sceptres are on offer too. 162 Eversholt St NW1

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