Q&A: Bolter Design Studio

In which we meet talented young start-ups at Collective, the co-working space on Hampstead Road

Creative duo at Bolter Design

Bolter Design
Creative Duo Alice and Laline, Photo: PR
A year and a half ago, Laline Hay and Alice Taylor decided to combine their graphic design and architectural skills in order to create Bolter Design, a multidisciplinary creative agency. We caught up with Laline at Collective.

What type of design projects do you normally do?
In any one day, we can find ourselves working on a café, the branding of a bottle of balsamic vinegar, creating wayfinding systems in museums or drinks menus. We haven’t been pigeonholed yet which is nice, but at some point we would like to focus more on space-designing, particularly of restaurants and cafés.

Bolter Design project
One of Bolter’s latest space design projects. Photo: Bolter Design

Who brings what to the table?
Alice has trained to be an architect so takes up more of the space design projects, whereas I’m more involved in the graphics and branding side. It makes a really nice combination and we’re always up for trying our hand at creating a new or tweaking an old project. We are yes people.

Do you tend to work with start-ups or established companies?
It is nice working with established companies who already have a grounding and direction. Working with fellow start-ups can be great because you effectively have full creative control and can take the design project wherever you want. The problem is that their budgets often hold them back. That said, we like getting in new and exciting projects, for example we have just designed the flyers for DocTap, an affordable private healthcare system which is effectively Uber for doctors.

How has Collective helped your business?
We used to be in a studio in Bermondsey, which we soon got kicked out of because the rent was so high. We then went back to working in a kitchen, which obviously wasn’t ideal. A friend recommended Collective to us and honestly we wouldn’t be where we are without it. We have this beautiful, spacious office at a fraction of the price we would be paying elsewhere. It really gave us the leg-up we needed and allowed us to accelerate our growth.

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Find out more about Bolter’s work here. For more info on Collective see the interview with founder Simon Pitkeathley here.

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